Principal's Message

At East Gippsland Specialist School (EGSS) we recognise that the partnership between home and school is vitally important to a child’s education and development. This partnership begins with your child’s transition to school. At EGSS, we put a lot of effort into ensuring transition from kindergarten to school or from mainstream to a specialist setting is as smooth, supportive and as successful as possible. We take an individual and holistic approach to this transition process and are strongly guided by the child and input from the family.

We provide a comprehensive specialised curriculum for all students that is individualised and catered to the needs of students. We use an evidence-based approach to the teaching of literacy, numeracy, communication, social capabilities, sport and recreation and physical and emotional health. Our classroom programs are heavily supported by our specialist subjects of Visual Arts, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Woodwork. Our core curriculum programs are supplemented through community access and life skills development programs.

Our our school recognises that our students require additional resources as well as individual and innovative supports to enable success at all levels. As well as collaborating with external therapists and other community agencies, your child’s classroom teacher works alongside our Leadership and Allied Health teams to ensure that each and every child’s education and development are kept to the highest possible standard to ensure success and the best possible learning and wellbeing outcomes.

This website offers a wide collection of information to families, detailing all you need to know regarding East Gippsland Specialist School. Should you wish to access further information or details regarding your child’s education or development, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me directly.