The use of digital technology and ICT implemented across the school enables all students to have the opportunity to learn, develop and engage through a variety of different technologies.

Students have the opportunity to utilise school iPads as a learning tool in collation with their individual and class programs. Each student has access to a variety of educational apps which scaffolds their literacy, numeracy and personal skill development.

Students have the opportunity to use interactive OSMO kits which connect to the iPad and allow the students to manipulate tangram shapes or letter tiles to create pictures or words. Most classrooms have access to an interactive whiteboard (IWB) and an Apple TV which syncs iPads to the IWB and support whole class engagement.

Classrooms have the opportunity to Skype, or video call to different classrooms around the world to learn about different countries and cultures that are of interest to them.

A News Program is created by the students with the support of a teacher both in the Primary and Senior Departments. The students have the opportunity to collect photos and video footage of different events occurring around the school, become reporters and News desk presenters in front of a green screen and also have the opportunity to create or edit the News program on i-Movie.

At EGSS there is a computer lab located in the library and students have access to laptops to use within their classrooms.